spring training

Mastroianni’s Time To Improve, Avoid Injury

By Trevor Savage
The Minnesota Twins outfielder is rehabbing his strained left hamstring, purposely taking things slowly to keep the injury from becoming a long-term problem.

Andrew McCutchen Is The Face Of The Pirates

By Courtney Swift
McCutchen has consistently produced strong numbers at spring camp, hitting above .300 in his last four pre-seasons. While he has experienced success, he knows there is always room to develop.

Skies Clear for Phillies in Clearwater

Cole Hamels

By Lily Zhao One big hit made Lou Montanez a big hit. Montanez’s walk off home run in the tenth inning helped redeem the Philadelphia Phillies 10-3 loss to the Houston Astros yesterday.

Atlanta Drops the Ball in Sarasota


By Samantha Russo
The Atlanta Braves have only one win to show so far this Spring Training. Today’s 2-1 loss against the Orioles will make three consecutive losses.

The Red Sox Need The Right Fielder


By Markus Garcia
Cody Ross is playing baseball in a familiar state. For the majority of his career he has played for the Marlins in Florida. But during the offseason the Boston Red Sox signed him as a free agent right-fielder.

Sox and Blue Jays End in a Draw

By Samantha Russo
The Red Sox didn’t win today, but they remain undefeated in Grapefruit League play. After nine innings, the game between the Red Sox and Blue Jays ended with a pair of threes.