Magazine Photoshoot Brings Boston Back to the Finish Line

By Mandy Cordero

siThousands gathered in their best Boston gear before the bright yellow line that was once the sight of a national tragedy.

Survivors, emergency responders and of course, Mayor Marty Walsh, stood tall in Copley Square for the Sports Illustrated photoshoot. The magazine will commemorate the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings in their upcoming issue.

“We’ve been thinking for months what are we gonna do for the anniversary of the marathon. You want to illustrate that they moved on a year later. It’s positive, it’s the Boston strong logo,” said director of photography, Brad Smith.

A year later, bombing survivor Lynn Crisci still feels the remnants of those events, “it feels like somebody just left something awful in our backyard and they don’t realize people live here.” Despite the memories of last year’s tragedy that took the lives of 3 people and injured over 250 more, Crisci is excited to be back at the finish line for the photoshoot: “Not everybody gets to go home and decompress, some people live here everyday. These events are trying to make happy memories over bad memories.”

Mayor Walsh was at the center of it all with Police Commissioner, William Evans and they’re not focused on the past but rather how to move on.

“It’s a great way to start the marathon. On Tuesday we’ll have reflections to think about what happened last year and after that we’ll move on to the marathon,” said Walsh.

Several memorials were held across the city on Tuesday.