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Everything Apple announced at its big AI event

Originally Published: 10 JUN 24 07:43 ET Updated: 11 JUN 24 07:18 ET By Samantha Murphy Kelly, CNN Cupertino, California (CNN) — Apple just kicked off a brand new era for the company with the...

Inside Israel’s deadly operation to rescue four hostages

Originally Published: 10 JUN 24 17:04 ET Updated: 11 JUN 24 06:16 ET By Benjamin Brown, Allegra Goodwin and Gianluca Mezzofiore, CNN (CNN) — Three days after an Israeli military operation rescued four hostages being held by...

WEBN speaks with Michelle Wu about arrests at Emerson College

By Emma Siebold and Hongyi Ji
Boston Mayor Michele Wu says the arrest of more than 100 protestors at Emerson College early Thursday morning was due to safety concerns, not the protest itself.Wu also stated law enforcement was needed to ensure safety and to remove fire hazards.