Trump Opens Manchester, NH Rally with FBI’s Announcement

By Priscilla Liguori 10/28/2016

Donald Trump walked onto the stage of his rally in Manchester, New Hampshire Oct. 28 beaming a little more than usual.

(Priscilla Liguori/WEBN-TV)
(Priscilla Liguori/WEBN-TV)

He began by telling his supporters that the FBI announced it is reopening Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

“I have great respect for the fact that the FBI and the Department of Justice are now willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made,” Trump said.

Polls from multiple companies and media groups are saying Donald Trump is falling behind Hillary Clinton in electoral votes, but Trump and his supporters believe the information is rigged.

“Everything’s rigged,” said Kim Lakin, a New Hampshire voter. “I think that he’s going to win in a landslide…There’s a lot of silent majority.”

(Priscilla Liguori/WEBN-TV)
(Priscilla Liguori/WEBN-TV)

“People don’t think that Trump has enough voters,” said New Hampshire resident Felcia Kiefer. “He has plenty of voters. They just aren’t coming out and saying anything right now because Hillary voters are crazy and attacking.”

The consensus among Trump and his supporters on who to blame for what they consider skewed results is the mainstream media. The Republican nominee said he gets way more support than Clinton does at rallies.

“These are called dirty polls. These are false,” said Trump said.

Supporters at the rally are also concerned about voter fraud on election night.

“I will support Mr. Trump’s statement at the last debate,” said Francis Wada, a Florida voter. “He may not be able to just accept whatever comes out.”

(Priscilla Liguori/WEBN-TV)
(Priscilla Liguori/WEBN-TV)

“There’s so many things that are going on that are just not right,” said Donna Allard, a Massachusetts voter. “People who are registered in two states. People who have died and there names are still listed? Whose to say someone isn’t going in and voting for those people?”

Trump’s voters say the campaign must be cautious.

“He should have a lot of election lawyers at polling stations,” said New Hampshire resident Ian McCormack. “Major election centers like cities…I would say, have lawyers there to make sure everything’s done fairly.”

Just 11 days until the election, Trump is headed to a rally in Lisbon, Maine this afternoon and then to Cedar Rapids, Iowa tonight.