Market Basket reveals plans to open as a wedding venue April 1, a first for grocery stores nationwide

By Adam Nuñez

The local chain grocery store Market Basket announced their newest amenity in an apparent April Fool’s joke early Monday morning; space for your next wedding.

The announcement of the #MoreForYourDollar Weddings came in a post to X early Monday morning. “Walk down the aisle in your favorite aisle.” The post says, “You’ll exchange vows with your loved one in an intimate ceremony, then guests will enjoy a Market’s Kitchen dinner and Bakery cake at the reception.”

The reception to the joke was generally positive, with many Massachusetts locals recognizing the serious potential in the idea for those who grew up with the household name. As X user @skozcela put it, “Wait but people would 100% do this.”

“Tell me you’re a townie, without telling me you’re a townie.” @PunkHD71 posted in a reply to the local chain. 

The #MoreForYourDollar name is seemingly not false advertising. The Boston Consumer’s Checkbook found Market Basket to be the second cheapest grocery store in the area, with Walmart at number one.

While most took the time to express genuine interest in the idea,  Chelsea City Councilor Roberto Jimenez-Rivera took it a step further in a response to the joke posted to his wife. “Time to renew our vows, @SarahElizNev.”