Construction resumes after South Station Tower fire

South Station Tower under construction in 2023. (Image courtesy of Pi.1415926535/Wikimedia Commons)

By Zhihao Zhu

Construction on the South Station Tower resumes after a fire broke out on April 9.

The fire, which started earlier this month on the 9th floor of the building, was caused by union workers welding steel but was extinguished without any incidents, according to Suffolk Construction, which led the project. “Fire watchers were on the jobsite and responded to the fire, and the fire was immediately extinguished,” the company said.

The fire prompted Suffolk Construction to decide to shut down the construction site for a safety audit. “Suffolk unilaterally announced a safety stand down for all workers on the South Station project and has voluntarily shut down the job site for a comprehensive job site safety audit,” the company said.

This happened less than a month after a large steel beam from the building fell, smashing windows high above Atlantic Avenue. During this incident, no injuries were reported.