WATCH: Spectators cheer on Marathon runners

By Lauren Holt
Spectators lined the route of the 119th Boston Marathon despite the rain and clouds. They cheered on friends, loved ones and even strangers, motivating them to finish the race.

The Peace Maker of the Film Industry

By Tashanea Whitlow

Miki Emmrich is rarely seen and that’s exactly how he likes it. You Google the Unit Production Manager’s name and you can’t find a single photo of him. He prefers being behind the scenes, so you can imagine how thrilled WEBN was when he agreed to be interviewed.

Nominee Jonathan Fawkner on Creating a Talking Raccoon

By Mandy Cordero

When a live action film’s main stars are animated, the director relies heavily on visual effects. VFX nominee Jonathan Fawkner talks about his work in “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter Re-Creates History In Selma

By Alecea Rush

The March 1965 cover of Ebony Magazine featured a photo of Martin Luther King Jr. leading hundreds in the march to Montgomery. Ruth E. Carter, costume director for the Academy Award nominated film Selma used this cover to springboard her research and creative process for the movie.